Bonding Solutions 4 Ltd provide adhesive solutions for all commercial industries including

Marine - Construction - Transportation - Aerospace - Electronic

Bonding Solutions 4 Equipment

We distribute a wide variety of manufacturers products including:

Apollo Adhesives - Solvented and PU Adhesives

Building Chemical Research - Beetle Urea Resins, 'One Shot' Powder Adhesive and Resorcinol two-part adhesive used in the construction of fire doors and marine applications

Beardow  Adams - Edge Banding Hot Melts

Pafra Adhesives - Water Based Adhesives including D3 PVA's and Co-Polymer Adhesives

Power Adhesives - Hot Melt Glue Guns, Glue Sticks and Slugs

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Based in South East England, we supply and install a wide variety of spray equipment ranging from low cost gravity spray guns, pressure pot systems, pump spray equipment and double diaphragm pumps through to automated equipment.

We also offer a range of custom low cost vacuum bag presses which can be supplied with electric motors for 240 volt and 110 volt site applications.

For enquiries or quotes please contact us via telephone  (UK +44) 01825  508412 or complete the following form:


Bonding Solutions 4 Equipment