With over 40 years experience in the industries of veneering and laminating we have a wide range of products to suite many requirements

We are distributors of Dynea (Urea Resins) - Pafra Adhesives (PVA/EVA) - Geocel & Chemique (Sprayable Neoprene for caravan repair)

Various Adhesive Applicators
Various Adhesive Applicators

At Bonding Solutions we have more than 40 years experience in the adhesive industry which covers  veneering and variety of facets such as fruit wood and pre–conditioning. To this we offer a range of resin systems.

In joinery and cabinet making we have a wide variety of products to cope with each requirement.

Our range of fillers covers both the joinery and cabinet making industries and also the scenery and polystyrene carving suppliers with coatings to suite all aspects.

We offer exceptional fine fillers for both hand and spray application for the automotive/vehicle restoration industries , including re-builds of expensive automobiles.

We can provide 2-pack adhesives for bonding glass to itself that dry clear, and 2-pack acrylic adhesives that replace welding and cure in less than 15 minutes.

We can provide low cost spray equipment for adhesives (water/solvent based) with pressure pots or pump systems. We specialise in vacuum bag laminating systems for both flat bonding and shaped work and can provide 3D moulds on request.

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Large Product Choice
Large Product Choice
Moisture Curing Adhesives
Moisture Curing Adhesives
Fine fillers for joinery and veneering projects
Fine fillers for joinery &
veneering projects
PVA's in all sizes
PVA in all sizes

Extra fine fillers for automotive
Extra fine fillers for automotive
One Shot powder in 3 sizes
One Shot powder in 3 sizes

Hot melt system to repair timber defects such as knot holes
Hot melt system for
repairing timber defects

Vacuum presses for shaped work and flat bonding
Vacuum presses for shaped
work and flat bonding

Variety of shapes made from high density polystyrene to meet all customer requirements
3D shapes produced with high
density polystyrene